Now we go to work.

With the end of NAHBS and the long, way too long, trip back to Portland, Matt and I were hoping to find some time to get away for a few days and do nothing or as little as possible. Matt and Liz took off for a bit and since Emily had tons of school work to catch up on me and a good friend, Jeff, headed out to the Kilchis river on the coast range to try our luck on the last bit of the winter steelhead run. Catching fish would have been fun but the only intention was to hang out, build a nice fire, cook some good food, drink some good beer and wander around the rain forest that is the coast range in March. Do you know how Webster defines wander? You do now. 1 a: to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal b: to go idly about c: to lose normal mental contact and stray in thought. That sounds nice after a really busy last month. Drizzle turned to rain that turned to sleet that turned to snow. But the whole time we were loving the fact that no one else was dumb enough to be out there in that weather which gave the whole forest to ourselves. It was a good time. Back in the shop this week we will be finishing up Barb's touring bike, moving along with Kate's single speed mountain bike and getting a good start on Carey's Rapha Continental bike. Plenty to do. But I'm looking forward to that also. It's comforting to develop a rhythm in frame building and with the ramp up for NAHBS that rhythm was gone for a bit. Back in Portland and relaxed after some time in the woods I'm ready to get busy building. Thanks to all who came out to Indy and supported the frame building community. I'm looking forward to next year.