NAHBS is now over

I tried. I really did.

I had a vision that I'd be able to post pictures every day, to share stories from the show and help give the NAHBS feeling to anyone who is reading this. But I got totally shut down by the internet access. I found out that there was free wi-fi in the mall a short walk from the convention center and I managed to get one update, but today and the day before I couldn't get access at all. I still can't use my computer on the internet, so I'm typing this on Jordan's dad's computer.

The Hufnagel family has been so awesome to Nate and I this weekend giving us a place to stay and driving us to the show each day. Mike (Jordan's dad) is the kind of guy that loves to help out. It's really cool to see how proud he is of what his kid is doing, and he should be. Jordan's bikes and display at the show were top notch. So, the show was a big sucess, the attendance was better than anyone expected. We got to have quality conversations with a lot of people and the general buzz from all other builders was really good. Some of the highlights for me were: first, staying with Jordan and Aaron and getting to know them better, they are both great bike builders and rad people. Meeting other builders whose work I really look up to and letting them know that I love what they are doing, Dave from Ellis, Drew from Engin, Curt Goodrich, Jeremy from sycip, Curtis from retrotech, Rick Hunter... the list goes on and on. Now that we are one year old it feels like other people have an idea of who we are and are getting more of the Signal story. It's great to hear "I've been looking at your stuff on the internet for a while..." It really feels like we are getting there. We are building a brand that started as an idea and is growing with each file stroke.

The bad things were that we got hit with a $380 bill that we didn't expect from the Indy convention center. $380 is bad, but the $1300 that Vanilla got hit with was WAY worse. We are learning lessons. The show was a success because there are so many good people in the bike biz. Meeting Jeremy Dunn and tall Eric was awesome those guys have such the right attitude. It's unfortunate that their energy wasn't appreciated by the events founder. There was some drama, and there were some politics, but the show did work, and a lot of people had a great time. We felt good about our booth and bikes, and we'll plan on making the handmade show a regular thing, but I wish there was less friction. It's great to see everyone and it's great to represent signal. I am going to post all the pictures I have as soon as I get an internet signal. Stay tuned )))