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Our new shop is breaking in nicely. It's really starting to feel like home. When we moved in last April, we split a 2000 square foot space with Greg Hudson of Corsa Concepts. After we decided where everything was going to go, we had an extra room that we decided to share with artist and friend Roll Hardy and computer genius Mickey Deagle. I thought it might be fun to introduce them here. Roll is a tattoo artist by trade at Atomic Tattoo, and a painter of oil paintings on the side. He managed to work his way in to one of the most prestigious galleries in Portland the Laura Russo gallery in NW right after graduating from PNCA. Roll and I graduated together and his talent was always apparent. He is working like mad to finish up his next show for the opening on first Thursday in November. I've had a chance to see the paintings as they progress from ideas to finished works and they look amazing as always. If you are in NW Portland on November 3rd (or any day in November), be sure to stop in the gallery and have a look.

Here are some pictures I took of Rolls painting studio:

Mickey has recently started his own company Isolary design. He can build and host websites and has a way of talking with computers. He has been the source of all the code to make the Signal website what it is today. It's nice to have him around and to see the beginnings of what his company will become.

And of course there is Greg from Corsa Concepts. Greg has also put together a top notch cyclocross team for this year's Cross Crusade series. We are working with Greg to make sure Shannon Skerritt has a bike and wheels. Other sponsors of the team are Ira Ryan, Mike Desalvo, Jake Rosenfeld of Huckelberry and Veloforma. Greg is doing a lot of work out there at the races. From putting up tents to wrenching on bikes, he's always moving.

Our shop feels like a hive of buzzing activity and it's great. There is always something new being made or an idea that gets passed around. We have managed to surround ourselves with creative people that love what they do and it feels awesome.