So I can't post any pictures yet, but I promise I will tomorrow. I'm bumming the computer at Jordan Hufnagel's dad's place where we are staying. Today Nate and I spent the day recycling our crate into the backdrop for our booth. We put up wallpaper and some pictures that we grabbed from each of our houses. It looks really good, but as the theme for the cardinals seems to be going, we have a really crappy spot. We're kind of in the back alley of the main hall. I hope people find us where we are. I was thinking about setting up Nate with a sandwich board to draw the crowd. We'll see how it goes. Jordan Hufnagel and Aaron Hayes from Courage both have really good spots. It seems like the Portland crew is really representing well. Map and Ahearne have a rad booth, Mike Music was helping out, Oh and somehow I told Jay from Chris King that we were done with our drill when we actually were just getting started. I thought he was just going to borrow it for a minute and he ended taking it back to his hotel room. So we had to beg/ borrow drills from other people. My bad. Any how we wrapped up the booth building at 10:00 and headed back to the house where we ate vegan tacos with Jordan, Aaron, Jeremy, Eric, Molly C., and Jen. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I WILL post pictures and stories. Promise.