echo red to red

Went out there to camp and race, didn't do either. When we pulled up to the sandy beach camp site and saw the trailer living that was going on there as well as the dead birds under a rock, as well as the frosty wind blowing off the columbia river. We decided that a hotel sounded better. I got to pre-ride for about an hour and the trails were really fun. Sweeping turns with burms and a lot of open hillside. The dirt was perfect, nice and tacky, but not muddy at all. It was possible to see a lot of the course in any given spot. We headed to our hotel to eat some dinner and soak in the hot tub (!)

The next morning we woke up and it was raining hard. I walked outside and it was freezing! There were little icilces hanging off of the car so it was easy to convince myself that the cold I'd been fighting for the past couple weeks wouldn't be helped by riding around in the freezing rain for a few hours. And then standing around in Indianapolis with a full blown cold wouldn't be much fun. So I didn't race. That's my excuse.

John and Tommy did the single speed race and said they had a good time. Tommy won, so I guess he might have been having fun, but John had a bad fall and thought he broke his collar bone (turned out to be a bad sprain and brusing) so I'm not sure that he really had fun.

Anyway, It was nice to get out of town and see some of the other part of the state. Hanging out with John, Tommy and Scarlett was pretty rad too. We stopped at Double mountain brewery in Hood River on the way home. That's getting to be a regular stop whenever I'm going by Hood River. Good beer, good pizza. mmm.

Two days till we get on the plane to Indy. I think we're ready, we'll find out soon enough!