The truck pulled up today and we loaded our big wooden crate into the back. The driver said he was picking up Courage, Hufnagel, Vanilla, Ahearne, and King Cycle Group after getting our stuff. That's one truck trailer that a lot of bike geeks might want to hijack! We thought it was a good move to buy the insurance. Getting all the bikes and support stuff into the box was tough. Everything always takes twice as long as you think it's going to. Nate and I spent the day driving around to pick up last minute items that we need for the booth, carpet, light bulbs, stools, picture frames, things from the shop that might be interesting to look at. Then we spent the rest of the day finishing up our tables and making the crate that would carry the bikes. We got most of it loaded up and I had to leave to meet friends for dinner. After 10 hours of fretting details, my brain was mush and I don't think I made very good dinner conversation. Nate had to finish up without me. It's times like this that I realize how lucky I am that I've got a partner like Nate. I wonder how a lot of one man shops do it. How can you make something like this happen when you are only one person? I guess a lot of builders rely on friends to get the big jobs done. So now that the big stress is done I'm going to head out to Echo and do a mountain bike race tomorrow. It's been two solid weeks of NAHBS prep and zero bike riding. I'm ready to go out and camp, then ride for a few hours. I'll take a few cameras and try to post some pictures when I get back.

Thanks for reading.