Wow!! Hourglass is in effect.

So along with getting Cameron's bike to paint tomorrow, or I should say this morning, we are rolling with what we hope are kinda the last big steps before we get to the small steps leading to NAHBS. Maybe I'm missing some steps. All I can say is, wallpaper. Wallpaper is hard to find these days, or at least the type you would want to decorate a bike display with. When it comes to designing our NAHBS display, it seems Matt and I tend to go with something that is "home-like." Like last year, I convinced Emily to let us use our rug from home for our booth telling her that Matt and I really needed something besides concrete to stand on all day. But really, we just needed something that "tied the room together." Long live the dude. Some of you know of whom I speak. I think the booth again is becoming like a domestic tableau, like something comfortable; house shoes, maybe. I have a tan pair with leather soles. Anyways, this is the point were I want to show you something special, something that is to come, something that makes you excited. But which one thing? Oh wait, I'm not supposed to show you what I'm about to show you. That's the concept of suspense, I guess. I never was much for mystery type stuff so instead I'll show you a drawing. This drawing was the start of a project that might be solved in the next 738 days. What you see here is a first step towards what you'll see on 2/28ish/09. Enjoy.