Cross weekend in Bend

I spent the weekend in Bend over Halloween with the family and a few friends. Bend has great mountain biking, something that Portland is missing, so Liz took the opportunity to ride her Signal mountain bike with the ladies on Saturday while I was on baby duty. Liz hasn't had many opportunities to ride the new mountain bike after coming down with the pregnancy last year, so I do what I can to make sure she does. They got to ride to the trails from the house so everyone was excited about that.

There was also the craziness of the Cross Crusade race series going on. I managed to make it to the race for about an hour on Sunday. It looked like there were a lot of cool costumes out there. My favorite was the guy with the wooden bike. But Andy really went over the top with his mohawk. That's commitment.

Signal team rider Andy M even stayed at our house on Saturday. It gave him the opportunity to show off his superior child quietening skills.

And our friend Heather celebrated her birthday on the 30th by dressing her family up in StarWars apparel and eating cupcakes. It was nice to get away from Portland for a short weekend with some rad people. Thanks guys.