Hot off the press, or I should say, roll back the press. Signal Cycles will be exhibiting at NAHBS this year in Indianapolis. Matt and I just recently, like, a few days ago, decided that we would be missing out on an always fun event if we just stayed in Portland. All the bikes are great to look at but I think the best part is just hanging out with the other builders, talking business and ambitions. It's just this special time of the year when the frame builders who work to hone their craft in solitude with anticipation of display get to put the product to the public and hope for ooh's and aah's. And I hear there are some good breweries close to the show. Anyways, we are glad we decided to sign up and are looking forward to the festivities. And for all you folks out there attending the show I extend the same opportunity we presented at NAHBS 2008 in Portland (please enjoy our post dated 2/07/08). Be the first to bring us two americanos from a respectable Indy coffeeshop after 2pm on Saturday and win a free Signal Cycles T-shirt........ and a foot massage from Matt. And this will feel really good because by then you will have been walking around alot. Looking forward to meeting everyone.