Happy New Year!

It's two thousand nine!

With a new year and all the newy newness going on, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make myself some resolutions. First, I'm going to draw a lot more. I always feel better about life when I'm making things. Making things in the shop is great, but sometimes a pad and paper seem so much more pure than files and saws and torches. I guess drawing is a lot like running, you don't really need any special equipment to do it. Some time later this spring I'll break out the painting kit again and work on some landscapes or portraits.

The bigger commitment is that I decided to sign up for the Cascade Cream Puff this year! I've been wanting to attempt this race for years. It's a really hard mountain bike race in Westfir Oregon (near Oakridge). The race uses one of the best trails in the area, the alpine trail. Usually the race is three laps of the 33 mile trail, each lap has 6000 vertical feet of climbing, so it's 100 miles and 18,000 vertical feet of climbing.(!) I'm going to need to start riding my bike some more, but I've got until July 12th. I'm excited to be riding my signal single speed mountain bike with the suspension fork that Elizabeth gifted me last year, and the sweet Chris King wheels and headset. It's going to get put through the ringer!

I've been so close to signing up for a long while, but this year I got a little extra nudge from Matt Hall. He reminded me of the registration opening up, and said we should do it. So I did. Did you sign up yet Matt?

In signal news, we got Shawn's green bike all finished up and it looks awesome! I took it out for a cruise today and it fits me pretty well. I want one for myself! I need a bike like that in my stable. We've got Emiliano's Rohloff bike at the painters. It's got a new plate crown fork and a sweet stem to match. We'll be picking that up in a couple weeks.

Nate and I are not able to afford going to NAHBS this year. At first we were ok with it, but as the date gets closer, we are wishing we had the money (and time) to get to Indianapolis. Looking at what everyone is doing to gear up is exciting and it is definitely the "big show". So we're going to settle for re-building the signal website. I've been working with some smart people to get an updated site up sometime in the next month. (thanks Brian and Mickey!)

Michael Jordan's rigid 29er mountain bike is in the works, and we're rolling on Jay and Allison's extra-special red carpet bikes. They will be very labor intensive, so we're going to work on Cameron's road bike and Kate's single speed mountain bike at the same time so we don't miss any paint drop days. Keep checking in on us, we'll have more pictures and a new site up soon!