endless snow

I think things are going to warm up a bit, but that last week and a half was pretty incredible.
It feels like I'm back in Alberta where I grew up. We walk everywhere on the roads because the sidewalk is unusable, the roads were coated in a compacted snow crust that you could probably ice skate on before today. I know a lot of people who have used the term "cabin fever" pretty heavily.

The upside is that there is a lot more hanging out than usual. Liz and I played Yatzee for the first time ever with Miles and Carey, and had a pretty good game of trivial pursuit against Nate and Emily (it would've been better if we hadn't lost), and I've been seeing more and more of the staff at Seraveza. It's a new beer pub that opened right around the corner from our house. They have constantly changing tap list and tons of bottles to peruse. And the atmosphere is great.

I'd like to give a happy birthday shout out to my Dad. December 24th. I'm sure that was no fun as a kid.

Not much bike riding going on these days. I made a little video of Liz and I going to the store the other day.