This time of year

We are back from Sacramento, and the buzzing in my ears from the busy weekend at NAHBS has subsided. We had a great show this year. We got to share a wall with Curtis at Retrotec, and Jeremy Sycip. Across the aisle was Rick Hunter and Mitch Pryor of MAP cycles. Without exception these builders are the quiet type who let their work speak for them. They all make beautiful bicycles and it was a pleasure to share a corner of the show with them. And what a show! We were completely slammed on Friday and Saturday. We managed to sell our Saltzman to a shop owner in Osaka, Japan on the first day. The screen prints were a big hit, I think we ended up bringing about 10 back with us. They are available on the web store. It was a busy weekend for sure and we made some new contacts and had a chance to deepen ties with old friends. Thursday night we got to watch Jason French give his first ever karaoke performance at Hamburger Patty's and it was quite a hit. Speaking of French, he commissioned a bike and trailer from Ira Ryan and Ben Leonard and it won a deserved Best City Bike award. There was a lot of work into that project, it's got to feel very validating for those guys.

All in all Sacramento was a fun venue. Being able to drive in one day was really nice. Next year is Denver. I'm not sure if Signal can do 6 years in a row of NAHBS. After some time to recover we will probably start the planning.

Our 4 bikes for the show:

Saltzman 2012

Ashley Mixtie

Eric T


Much more photos on our flickr page.

Thanks for the support.