T-shirt design for MAP cycles

Mitch Pryor makes beautiful bicycles. His company MAP cycles is in the same building as Signal, so we see each other frequently. One day, a couple months ago I was talking to him about the post mount Mafac racer brakes he does. I was holding a caliper and said something about him offering his own version of the iconic brake. Looking at the Mafac mark, it is stamped into the alloy arm, I said "You could just remove the -ac and make the f into a p and you would have MAP racers." Kind of funny, kind of serious. Then a couple of weeks ago we were talking about the upcoming NAHBS show and I asked if he was going to be making shirts. Mitch said he doesn't really sell that many shirts. I said he should do a Mafac shirt and make the brake say MAP. I got so excited about doing it that I told him I was going to make them and sell them for him. He was persuaded to let me make a t-shirt design for him. With a little wave of the magic wand, we had a working drawing.

Mitch decided to go with darker color shirts, so I inverted the design and let the shirt color be the line for the drawing. We had them printed at Full Court Press (thanks Lou and Joe) on American Apparel US made 100% cotton shirts in black and Army (greeny brown). Mitch is selling them for $20. I think they look pretty great, but I'm a little biased. His webstore is here, they aren't up as of this posting, but might be soon. Just email info@mapbicycles if you think you can't live without one!