It's almost time for the big show. NAHBS is starting March 1st this year and we are busy making sure all the loose ends are tied up. This year we are positioned right next door to Jeremy Sycip and Curtis Inglis on a 20x20 island. But before we go, Ira Ryan and Ben Leonard have decided that the stress of attending NAHBS wasn't enough. They decided to put on a pre-NAHBS show up here in Portland to let locals get a glimpse of some of these beautiful show bikes. The pre-show event is this Friday from 6-10pm. It's five bucks to get in, but if you want the inside scoop, you can pay an extra $5 at Westend bikes for a VIP ticket and get in at 4pm and have access to some free beer as well as a less crowded venue to scoop out the bikes and builders. I helped out by designing the show poster:

Show Me Yours

Eric from Winter Bikes in Eugene is planning on joining us too, we didn't get a confirmation before printing these up. Another event that I am really excited about going to is my friend Matt Hall's art show at Ampersand this Thursday night. It's last Thursday on Alberta, so plan for the crazy, but if you can make it to the Ampersand Gallery/Shop it will be worth your while. Matt made these elaborate boxes with skeletons from found animals and other objects. On top of that, he is also showing new drawings of some of the found animals before the process of stripping them to the bone. The drawings are very sensitive and remind me of Andrew Wyeth. I want to own one.

We have been playing with the Instagram app and are loving it. If you are into that stuff, look us up @signalcycles.

This week will be full of bike building, booth prep, transportation planning, and trying to cross all the other items off the list. No matter how much planning we do, it always seems to come down to the wire with NAHBS. Can't wait to show you what we have been up to!