what's going on

Oregon Manifest is all we're talking about. It's going to be interesting to see how it comes together. There's cross racing, roller racing, zoo bombing, bike snobbing... so much going on this weekend. Nate and I have been putting the booth together, but we kind of have to wait to see where we are in the space. And we'll have some very cool shirts available at the show in men's and women's sizes. So come by and say hi Friday and Saturday. We are planning on showing 'cross bikes and Caroline's cool townie/touring rig.

Nate and I have been working on some new frames this week. We're starting a fillet brazed road/ commute bike for Shawn, and then we've got a his and her set of really radical townie bikes that will be off the hook. Yes, they will be.

I'll try to update photos on the website soon, but until then we'll keep posting stuff on flickr.