one week till alpenrose

Cyclocross is in full swing. I just wrapped up my first ever two-race weekend. Today's race was the ominous sounding BATTLE AT BARLOW!!! It was a tough one today, the temperature was hot and the pace was fast. On top of that, the race has a run-up that is just a little too steep, and just a little too long. I had an unimpressive race, but still managed to enjoy the day.
Some thoughts about cyclocross:

  • Racing one race a weekend is enough (sometimes more than enough).
  • Race venues should have more than one portapotty for every 200 people, and plenty of TP to go with.
  • It's good to get a song in your head that you can sing during the race. Today I had "eye of the tiger" thanks to the music being played through the PA
  • Anyone else notice the announcer says "and" a lot without having anything else to say afterward? Like: "Bike Gallery rider Pete Zlatnick coming across the line for Bike Gallery and..." nothing...
  • If you don't have a song playing in your head, a good mantra works pretty well too. Today I handed a good one to Matt Hall: "It's all in your head."

So for the next two months, we'll be suiting up and chasing each other around in the mud. It's good to see all the familiar faces out there, the spirit of cyclocross is alive and well.