tour of the oregon coast

Elizabeth and I just got back from a bike trip. We spent a week riding down the coast from Pacific City OR, to Eureka CA. The coast is so beautiful, I've driven that route a couple times, but seeing it at "bike speed" is so much more impressive. I enjoyed the routine of rolling into camp, setting up the tent, getting a shower, making dinner and getting to bed, followed by coffee first thing every morning. Having a good travel partner makes all the difference too. Liz had to take care of me a few times when I was slipping over to the dark side. We were intending to ride to Napa CA where our car was waiting or us, but we both managed to get sick, and the route got pretty hairy from Crescent City to Eureka. So we rented a car and drove south a few days early. Our car was in Napa because friends Damo and Libby drove it down to the mountain bike single speed world championship race. They were in from Australia and were really fun to hang out with. They run a shop over there called COG bike cafe they even have their own Aussie -made frames available. Pretty cool stuff.

It's good to be back in Portland. Now it's time to get crackin' on some bikes!