Rad Dad Camping Trip

Had a great weekend of bike camping with my daughter and four other Rad Dads. We met up at Stumptown, then pointed the bikes toward Milo McIver park. We had three Burley trailers, two long tail bikes, and one bottle of Four Roses burbon. On the trip were two bike builders (myself and Tony Pereira), one tattoo artist (Roll Hardy) a builder of custom racks (Ben Leonard), and a Stumptown coffee roaster (Brian Keefe). We almost had enough talent to start our own outpost of Portland. For anyone else thinking about heading out to this park I will say that the route is not so hot for trailer travel. Even for regular bikes, there is no shoulder and several diesel dually drivers thought they needed to show that the road was theirs by stomping the accelerator while giving us minimal room on the non existant shoulder. Next time we do a group camp, we'll choose a better route.