signal wins!

Congratulations to Pete Z for putting one in the "w" column! Pete rode a strong singlespeed race at Monday night's short track, and held off the rest of the field to claim a hard earned win. This is the first win ever on a signal bike, Nate and I need to get some champaign or something...

Liz and I spent the weekend in Oakridge working and guiding for Mountain Bike Oregon. We've been riding there for years and take any chance we get to sample the trails. There were about 300 riders that MBO shuttled to the top of some of the best trails in the area. I rode Larison Rock (twice, once at night), Middle fork of the Willamette, Alpine, and Goodman Creek trails. My legs were feeling pretty used up yesterday. If you've ever considered checking this area out, MBO is a great way ride all of the coolest trails with guides. I highly recommend it. There is a second MBO in August, I won't be there, but Chris King will, and I'm sure those guys will have a blast.

And now it's time to get back to work. Thanks for reading.