Bachelor Camping Trip.

I spent the weekend camping to help prepare our friend Ira Ryan for his upcoming nuptials. We found a site on Still Creek Road about 100 miles into the day's Rapha Gentleman's race. We cracked some beers and waited for the first riders to come by, did some good cheering/ heckling, then did a short ride from camp. On the way back Matt H was just about to hit warp speed when he ended up sliding on his face on the gravel road and chipping his front tooth. Luckily we had two medical professionals along to help him get through his concussion. Thanks Steven H and Joel M! The next day we rode 3000 ft. up to Timberline lodge where I ate poptarts and then took the Glade Trail back down to Government Camp, and on to Crosstown trail and the Bridal Trail back down to Rhododendron. About 3 or 4 miles from Rhododendron, my bike broke in half. I had to push for a while, but the plus side was that I didn't have to ride back up to the camp site. Thanks Dan Powell! My "sweet" prototype full suspension bike didn't like what I was doing to it. I might try to re-build, but I'll likely just make myself a hardtail and forget this full suspension stuff. There are a lot of linkage forces that I didn't account for, and the seat tube was thin enough that it sheared off right above the top pivot. Sad.

Here are some photos from the weekend.