Crunch time

I have a really exciting project in the works. Signal Cycles is going to be producing a limited edition bicycle for Anthropologie the women's clothing store headquartered in Philadelphia. We were contacted a few months back by their buyer and after a conversation and a lot of research, we decided to make a step through picnic bicycle. The wicker picnic basket will have service for two and be easily detachable from the porteur style front rack. Right now I'm waiting on material to show up so I can begin the fabrication process. The frame, fork and front rack will still be made in Portland, but will be available at a very attractive price (TBD, but should be under $4000 complete). The way we are reducing cost on this bike is to have the frame partially TIG welded and to only offer one size (for now). Once Anthropologie sells out of their supply, Signal will likely be offering the bikes directly. So if you, or someone you know is looking for about a distinctive and stylish city bike (without being ridiculous), let them know about our project and follow along. We will have everything wrapped up by mid October.

Since I have nothing to show on bike progress, I'll leave you with the color swatch that Anthropologie picked for this bike: