Mountain bikes=good times

I got my mountain bike running! Pete, Marlia, Brian T, Bridgette, Liz and I got up to Hood River on Sunday. The plan was to ride surveyor's ridge, but a friend who lives up there told us that it was still un-ridable, so we rode 8 mile and Knebal springs instead. It was a beautiful day, and after a few (sorry guys) on trail adjustments to my freshly built up bike, we rode some of the most fun singletrack in the area. I've often said that if I were only able to ride one bike, it would have to be a mountain bike. There is no better biking than railing a left-right turn on some pine needle singletrack at about 25mph. The ride pace was mellow but I had a 36x18 gear on (lack of planning) and after the first hour, I was hurting pretty bad. Luckily the climbs all have the best payoff and the final trail to the car is the best of all. I was following Pete brakeless down the last trail following a creek with a huge smile. My bike was perfect, the trail was perfect, the company was perfect. Another successful ride. I'm waiting for my cool wheels to come in before I shoot pictures of my bike. I'll post some soon. I promise.