nestucca river road

Yeah, the ride to the beach was awesome! I asked a bunch of people to go thinking that it would end up just being me and Liz, but we rolled out of Portland 9 strong. Sunday was what feels like the only day I've seen the sun since I was back in Florida in April. We had a pretty mellow pace, and only got honked at by one car on the highway to Carlton. From there it was a steady climb to the top. Andrew turned around at the top of the climb, he wasn't intending to go the whole way to Pacific City. He did great considering he never rides his bike and his seat was about 3 inches too low. The rest of us descended down the coast side of the range, into the ferns and water. That road is so nice, and we only saw a few cars and motorcycles. There's a brief section of gravel somewhere in there and then we came to Beaver Oregon. After as many one-liners as we could come up with, we held our breath and got on 101 for the last 12 miles or so. That is where I was attacked by sudden bonkage. Everything was going along fine and all of a sudden I turned to John and said "My check engine light just came on". I stopped where there was no shoulder and people handed me food that I crammed down my throat. I hung out there for a couple minutes and found the energy to make it the rest of the way. After 95+ miles we made it to the Pelican Pub on the beach of Pacific City. I drank a couple really good beers and felt a lot better.
Thanks to everyone who came: Lucy, Elizabeth, Erin, Matt Hall, John, Roll, Brandon, and Andrew. That was a super fun ride with a great crew. Roll and I want to do the Banks-Vernoina to Astoria next time.